Our reputation as a family business is important to us. Our values are embedded within our Business Standards, which include a Code of Business Conduct, an Ethics & Integrity Policy, an Employment Standards Policy, a Code of Employment Conduct for Suppliers and an Environmental Policy.

We believe that good governance, effective risk management and robust legal and regulatory compliance are essential to delivering value and enhancing our reputation.

The Board sets and oversees the Group’s overall risk management strategy and the effectiveness of the Group’s internal controls, with support from the audit committee and the Head of Internal Audit.

As a UK listed company, JD Sports Fashion plc has its own independent board and sets its own policies on corporate governance and risk management.

We believe in creating and maintaining a culture that promotes our values. We strive to establish good risk management by implementing policies, procedures, training, communication and by offering advice and support.

You can find more information about our approach to corporate governance in the following documents;

Corporate Responsibility Review
Tax Strategy
Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy